Is physiotherapy just for sports injuries and back pain?

No, while physiotherapy treatment can be very successful for these, Harris Physiotherapy can help with so much more. Physiotherapy is multi-dimensional and can treat a vast variety of conditions. Other common conditions treated by us include joint pain and arthritis, SPD and other discomfort during pregnancy, posture and work related problems, respiratory problems and tension headaches. We also aim to improve our clients’ general health, mobility and quality of life. Physiotherapy is also well known to be especially effective for post-surgery recovery.

Injuries through sports, and also injury prevention. Aching and general muscle soreness is common following physically demanding period of exertion. Often our sporting clients see us to ease those aches, as well as increasing flexibility and ease any stiffness. If we are dealing with a sporting injury, then physiotherapy can help facilitate the healing and rehabilitation process.

Back pain and other muscle aches. The most common muscular pain we see is back ache. Bach ache affects such a high percentage of people, mostly due to posture, work demands, computer/mobile phone use and poor sleep. Harris Physiotherapy can ease stiffness, reduce pain and encourage blood flow to the muscles.

Arthritis is a problem usually for the older generation, but more commonly we are seeing younger clients suffering the early signs. Arthritis affects the joints, can reduce mobility and can be incredibly painful. Physiotherapy helps to ease the joints stiffness and to increase blood flow to the muscles and improve the range of physical movement. We aim to also help to build strength. These exercises are often much more gentle for older people who are usually more fragile.

Recovery and rehabilitation processes are so important to the well-being of a patient. For example, in the case of a serious accident, post-surgery or a complex medical problem. For clients with cardiac and/or pulmonary problems, we have designed rehabilitation programmes which are carried out to improve circulation, build muscle strength and restore normal bodily functions. In cases where someone has experienced a serious accident such as a car crash or recovery after waking from a coma, it may be necessary to re-learn how to do the most basic of human functions that most of us take for granted. Re-learning to walk, sit up and turn over again will require a long period of intensive physiotherapy; this rehabilitation may require all aspects of physiotherapy treatment in order to best aid the healing process and control our clients pain.